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TechnicalChef - The Modern Australian Certified Chef



A genuine chef is both a commercially trained artisan who has skills, fitness, knowledge and experience as well as a professional “state of mind”. One without the other really means the person is not yet a  fully developed professional chef.

A person who considers themselves a professional chef, and believes only the preparation, presentation and taste of their food makes them a chef, no matter how good, is not yet a genuine chef.

There is only one way genuine professional chefs can register their credentials as a legitimate Australian professional chef.

They apply for membership of the Australian Institute of Technical Chefs.

A "TechnicalChef" is the modern Australian Professional Chef. A chef who is licensed to display a logo to show the public and media they have the six elements required to be a legitimate commercial chef.

- 1. Skills
– 2. Fitness
- 3. Knowledge
- 4. Experience
- 5. Adhere to Codes of Practice
- 6. Committed to professional development.

Details of this growing Australian Professional Chefs Association.


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